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working to expand your business one pixal at a time

Go with experience earned in the line of fire.
With web design and internet marketing firms springing up everywhere, the question becomes: which one has the right combination of technical expertise, artistic skill and salesmanship? The answer: one created to serve rapidly growing, sales-driven business. From its beginnings as Clipper Magazine's in-house web department, Clipper Web Development has expanded to serve a broad clientele.

Get "ahead of the curve" capabilities and skills.
Clipper Web Development excels at staying on the leading edge of its profession. It's not "retraining" so much as continual training-constantly adding knowledge and expertise to make sure "new developments" are fully understood. In addition, while always delivering high levels of dynamics and visual appeal, Clipper Web Development sites feature simple, elegant design, for smoother operation and easier "enhance-ability" down the road. Clipper Web Development also offers search engine optimization services and other internet marketing services such as pay-per clicks/adwords management and analysis, web analytics and optimization, business blog setup, social media setup, submission to industry-specific directories as well as link-building consultation.

Utilize a group that provides all the "extras."
But by offering more, and doing everything it offers better, Clipper Web Development's highly qualified web designers and database managers, search engine optimization and marketing analysts make the group more and more valuable as the working relationship grows.

A few examples of how they add value:

  • Functional elegance - Going beyond mere "eye candy" to make day-to-day site use easier through fast loading, easy navigation and other user-friendly features.
  • Dynamic content integration - Storing vast amounts of content in access or sequential databases, including query-based list displays. Roughly 75% of Clipper Web Development's sites utilize this function.
  • Robust shopping carts - Make your online order process as comprehensive as you like, to permit any number of items you designate.
  • Custom-designed flash animation - Clipper Web Development has the programming skill and creative talent to achieve award-winning results.
  • Domain-specific anti-spam filtering - Clipper Web Development electronically separates essential info from undesired clutter, so information flows smoothly through your site.
  • 24-7 "live" web site statistics tracking - Included as a basic service, it's the perfect way to receive and evaluate up-to-the-minute site activity.
  • Automated date/time scheduled newsletter systems - A pre-formatted program of recurring messages that helps keep your customers updated, informed and entertained. Plus, because you input the latest material, you keep costs low.

Pay as little as $3,500 for superior web site design and function.
Best of all, Clipper Web Development holds to our umbrella philosophy of offering more for a lower price than the competition. No wonder more and more businesses are tapping us to bring them into the age of electronic communication. We're eager to discuss any aspect of your web site program, including how to optimize your landing page or improve your search engines' ranking and how it can seamlessly be integrated into your marketing and advertising strategy.

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